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An icon challenge community dedicated to Jewel Staite

1) To enter a challenge, you must be a member of staitestills.
2) Your icons must meet LJ requirements - 100x100 pixels and 40kb in size.
3) You're required to use the images provided unless otherwise noted.
4) You can enter a maximum of 3 icons per challenge unless otherwise stated.
5) Your entries must remain anonymous. This means you can't use your icons or post them anywhere until the voting period has ended. If you do, your icons will be disqualified.
6) The icons must be completely yours.
7) Animated icons are not allowed.


1) Upload your icons to an image hosting service that allows direct linking
(i.e. Photobucket, ImageShack).
2) To enter your icons, put them in a comment to the challenge post. All comments will be screened.
3) Your submission should look like this:


1) Anonymous voting is not allowed. You must have a livejournal account.
2) You do not have to enter the challenge to vote.
3)You may choose your top three icons

• a first place vote -> 3 points
• a second place vote -> 2 points
• a third place vote -> 1 point
Submit your votes as a comment to the voting post. Comments will be screened.


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If you would like to affiliate, please comment here. Any icontest community that hasn't been updated in three months may be removed.

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